Types of Table Saws


A table saw is one of the most prevalent pieces of equipment used for woodworking. It contains of a circular saw powered by an electric motor that is attached onto a table. In order to cut, material is pushed through the saw on the top of the table. It is used regularly for large wood projects such as tables, fences, book shelves, etc. When choosing a table saw it is significant to know the diverse types and the pros and cons of each. The following are the three basic types of table saws and what they have to offer.

Bench top Saws
The bench top saw, also recognized as the portable saw, does not come all the way to the floor but is destined to be placed on top of a table for support. This is the more lightweight version of the table saws. They typically can be carried by one person from job to job.

The bench top model is favored for those who are looking for a table saw that is movable and less expensive; nevertheless, remember that you always get what you pay for. The bench top saw has the least amount of ability out of any of the table saws. With the reduced size and weight of the saw, it is less durable and there are greater limits of the size of projects one can do.

Contractor Saws
Also recognized as the open-stand saw, the contractor saw here is heavier and more durable than the bench top saw. Its circular saw is mounted on a heavy table with an open set of legs. This type of saw is frequently chosen for those who have a tool shed at home since it is moderately-priced and does not need any extra voltage than is delivered in a regular outlet. While this model is heavier and less portable than the bench top model, the contractor table saw is still regularly moved from job to job (most contractor saws come with wheel accessories to make this easier).

Cabinet Saws
Cabinet table saws have the circular saw devoted to a table with a cabinet. It is the largest and the heaviest of the table saws and thus is not moved around like the other table saws. The cabinet table saw is tougher and has less vibration which creates for a smoother cut. However, the cabinet saw is more luxurious than the other types of saws and ordinarily entails the installation of a heavy circuit. The cabinet saw also has a height and tilt adjustment feature and has better dust collection than the other models. Read https://www.reference.com/health/saw-palmetto-taken-976abced45965522 to understand more about saw.